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The purpose of a Helical Pile is to transfer the load of a structure to competent soils.

Heli-Pile® Conventional, Modular and Tubular Helical Piles Heli-Pile® Conventional Helical Pile Heli-Pile® Modular Helical Pile Heli-Pile® Tubular Helical Pile

The image below is a Heli-Pile® Helical Pile as it may appear supporting a new foundation grade beam
or column base. This figure depicts a double helix lead or starter section, a conventional extention,
a Heli-Pile® Terminator Extension Shaft and a new construction load transfer cap.
The load transfer cap is embedded in the concrete foundation.

Conventional Helical Pile Installation Heli-Pile® Helical Pile Products
D&B Engineering Contractors. Double Helix Helical Pile Heli-Pile® Terminator Extension Shaft